Our Process

Simple, pure ingredients, plus care and time — that’s the Poppi Al’s recipe for great pizza! We combine non-GMO flour, yeast, sugar, salt and a touch of olive/soy oil, with pure, clean water from the Pennsylvania Appalachians. We knead the dough and let it rise overnight. The next day, we hand-toss each and every crust, bake and let them cool. When we make pizzas, we add sauce made from the finest 100% California tomatoes, marinated with our own special blend of herbs and spices, and 100% real mozzarella, white Vermont cheddar and romano cheeses.

When they’re ready, we individually flash freeze all of our crusts, pizzas and dough pucks, so they stay fresh and delicious as the moment we made them. All of our ingredients and preparation is proudly done in the U.S.

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